Kensington – Don’t Tell Anyone!


There are always a few neighborhoods in a city that capture the imagination of community. These are places that have everything a person could want. I’m sure there is a neighborhood that comes to your mind!

For me one of those neighborhoods is Kensington. Just east of Interstate 15 and south of Interstate 8 in San Diego, there is a hidden pocket of wine, food and architecture heaven. Those that are lucky enough to call Kensington home would prefer to keep this a secret, but when something is great you can’t help but share it with your friends.

If you’re anything like me, you love your wine and food. And what better way to enjoy your wine and food than in the company of great friends, seated on a sun drenched patio, watching the world go by.

One of my favorite wine bars in San Diego and the winner of San Diego Magazine’s 2016 Best Wine Bar is Village Vino. Tucked away in this trendy and stylish neighborhood, Village Vino is the ideal place to go if you want to learn about wine, find that gem of a bottle to take home or just enjoy a unique glass picked by Cori or Rob. This dynamic duo can match your palate to an amazing bottle in the blink of an eye.

Do you love Mexican food? Well of course you do if you live in San Diego! I’m willing to bet that you have had your fill of bland and overpriced chain “Tex-Mex,” and you can only handle so much of your corner taco shop. That corner shop is pretty damn good though! Ponce’s in Kensington is a San Diego landmark – no really, this place has been here for 50+ YEARS! Serving local favorites and special plates, Ponce’s is a must-visit if you want some authentic Mexican food at great prices. Here too, you can sit on the patio, enjoy an ice cold Dos Equis (because who doesn’t love a great Mexican beer on a sunny day?!), and plan your weekend adventures.

When you think of San Diego real estate, it’s hard not to visualize Spanish architecture. Beautiful arches, breath-taking attention to detail and courtyards we would all love to sit in and ease into the day. Drive through Kensington and you will instantly fall in love with the houses and the views of Mission Valley. There are few neighborhoods left in San Diego, where you feel like you are part of a community and Kensington is one of them. With only a few roads in and out, the neighborhood has a great isolated feel. And with the great parks and restaurants, there is no need to leave!

Welcome home!